TC Tenerife (02.02.2018)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Arenas Negras
Země: SPA
Skutečná délka: 7.75 km
Čas: 86:29
Prům. tepy: 117
Max. tepy: 155
běhej kudy chceš a pak postav trať v ocadu
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Neeme : This google link leads to some thick forest. Perhaps wrong coordinates?

How did you get to start from roads?
Martin Křivda : The start was on the road. :)
Carsten : Hi, same question here. Can you give me a little more precise hint for your starting point - or even the coordinates. Or are the given coordinates correct. I'd like to train there as well.
Carsten : ok.. i found it :-) How did you make that map. Mapant?
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TC Tenerife  (02.02.2018) TC Tenerife  (02.02.2018)